You Matter.


You are important.

Your life has value.

You are amazing.


Here's a quick video if you need to hear this and not just read it.


I often say "You may write alone, but you are not alone." Today, on #WorldMentalHealthDay, I want you to know that YOU are not alone. If you are struggling and need help, you are not alone. I've listed some resources below to help you, or to help someone you know.

Take a moment today to reach out to someone you haven't heard from in a while, or someone who has been quieter than normal or recently pulled away. They may not want to talk about what's wrong, but knowing you're there to listen will help.

Take a moment today, and every day, to reach out and help someone else, in little ways and big. Let's all help each other with our wellbeing mentally, physically, and creatively.

You matter.

You are important.



Resources for those who need help from Healthline (these and more resources are available here:

You Matter by M. Khan, Author and Podcast Host
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