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The One Journal That Changed My Life | #8


In this week’s episode, I’m talking about journaling and specifically how a 5-year journal has changed my mindset about being an author and where I am in my career.

“It’s a really great and simple idea. It’s something I started doing this year and, even though I’m not finished with one full year of this journal, it’s the only journal I have ever been able to consistently and continually write in every single day, and it’s completely changed my mindset.”

In this episode:

  • Do you usually give up on journaling?
  • Introduction to the 5-year journal, which is the only journal I’ve written in every day
  • The benefits of looking back for reflection
  • The story shared in this episode: how my author life has changed in the last five years, and why a journal is helping me stay positive as I move into the next five.

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