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Spending Your Creativity

Spending Your Creativity | #6

In this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about something we do all the time but may not realize it: spending our creativity. I’ll share my story about how writing every day actually harmed me creatively, and how I rebounded from that to find healthier, more focused writing time, and I’ll share some tips to help …

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You Matter by M. Khan, Author and Podcast Host

You Matter.

YOU MATTER. You are important. Your life has value. You are amazing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Here’s a quick video if you need to hear this and not just read it.   I often say “You may write alone, but you are not alone.” Today, on #WorldMentalHealthDay, I want you to know that YOU are …

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Don't Write Everyday

Why You Don’t Need to Write Everyday to Be An Author | #2

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking about a topic that’s a little controversial: how much you ‘need’ to write in order to be an author. If you’ve ever been told that ‘true’ authors need to write everyday, then this episode is for you. I’ll share why that’s just not true. You’ll also …

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