Audience Expectations

Four ‘E’s of Audience Expectations | #7

In this week’s episode of the Inside the Writer’s Soul podcast, we’ll be talking about audience or reader expectations. In this episode: The four ‘E’s of audience expectations – what audiences are expecting from your work, whether you’re an #author, #filmmaker, #photographer, #artist, #songwriter, or other type of #creator. The story shared in this episode: …

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Spending Your Creativity

Spending Your Creativity | #6

In this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about something we do all the time but may not realize it: spending our creativity. I’ll share my story about how writing every day actually harmed me creatively, and how I rebounded from that to find healthier, more focused writing time, and I’ll share some tips to help …

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Should You Acknowledge Holidays?

Should You Acknowledge Holidays? | #3

In this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about a sensitive topic – should you acknowledge holidays, either in your novels or even just on social media. If this is something you struggle with, have a listen. In this episode: Pros, cons, and considerations of acknowledging holidays in your writing Pros, cons, and considerations of acknowledging holidays …

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Should you acknowledge holidays in your books or social media
Fear of Writing

Fear of Writing | #1

I am so excited because my podcast, Inside the Writer’s Soul, has finally launched! This podcast focuses on how personal experiences can inform your writing, and help you speak from the soul to really connect with readers and other authors as well. In this community for authors from any genre, background, or publishing type, we’ll …

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Overcome a Fear of Writing
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