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Should You Acknowledge Holidays? | #3


In this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about a sensitive topic – should you acknowledge holidays, either in your novels or even just on social media. If this is something you struggle with, have a listen.

In this episode:

  • Pros, cons, and considerations of acknowledging holidays in your writing
  • Pros, cons, and considerations of acknowledging holidays on your social media
  • The story shared in this episode: Why my kindergarten play haunts me to this day and what it taught me about holidays, perception, and racism

“So, as much as I loved being on that stage in that holiday play in the beginning, it quickly became something else. It became something I wouldn’t realize until much later was about race and exclusion and reminding people that I was different, not explaining to people that I already belonged.”

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After you listen, join our community by commenting on the podcast below and let me know: Do you acknowledge holidays in your novels? Why or why not? Do you have any holidays specific to the worlds you’ve created in your novels? What are their purpose? How do they help with the plot?

With some holidays approaching as we near the end of the year, decide which ones – if any – you want to share on social media and be clear about why you’re sharing them. Draft some posts that not only acknowledge the happiness of the holiday, but also include words of comfort for others. If you’d like to get feedback, make sure you post your ideas on the blog.

As with many of my podcast episodes, I have a FREE worksheet to help you decide which holidays to post about, to write about, and to brainstorm sensitive ways to speak about them.


Happy Listening!


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