Leap Year Love Note


I decided I wanted to leave a note to myself on leap year, one I can look back on during the next leap year in 2024. I have no idea how much my life might change in 4 years (or 4 months or 4 hours or 4 minutes), but I wanted to let myself know that things are okay, that loving myself and who I am is not a bad thing, and that even if things are not that great in 4 years, I'll be okay. Maybe this is a corny idea, but I don't want to be afraid to share my corny ideas here (or anywhere). I want the freedom to be me, so I'm sharing it.⁠

Write your own note to yourself with #leapyearlovenote. Be kind to yourself today (and everyday)!⁠

🖋️Note to myself: Today - 2/29/2020 - is a rough day. It's been a rough year already but it's been a miraculous one, too. ⁠

👍🏼The good/great: You've finally found a doctor to help you with your health. You're writing and publishing and pursuing your dreams (even with the day job). You are doing okay. You are doing, in some respects, really fucking great. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS! 🎉You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do.⁠

👎🏼The bad: Your finances are still a mess (but they won't be forever). Your health still isn't great (but it's getting better). Life will still suck at times. It will still drive you crazy and frustrate you and anger you. The way some people treat you will likely make you cry late at night or when you're finally left alone. Yet, those moments will pass, and those people will pass through your life, too. You don't owe them anything, and you owe YOURSELF more than you'd ever owe them in the first place. Don't forget to call in your own debt and pay yourself with kindness and love first.⁠ ⁠

💜 You are a beautiful, kind, and loving human. The opinion of others about your body doesn't matter. The opinion of others about your marital status or your job or any other bullshit (including how much you curse) doesn't matter either. Continue to LOVE and ACCEPT YOURSELF because you are amazing and good things will happen to you and for you. ⁠Be grateful for the good, the bad, and in-between because while life is never easy, it will get easier.⁠

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M. Khan

M. Khan has authored over 20 novels/novellas/short stories under a pen name, and is now working on a fantasy series under her own name. She teaches others how to plan holistically to get all the things done, and provides guidance and coaching to fellow authors.

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