Here’s What Really Happened in January 2020

This is the first time you're really hearing from me in a month. So what happened?

Meds fucked me up. If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I deal with chronic health issues. Well, I started some new meds and WOW - my body was not happy about it. Physically, I recovered quickly, but the meds messed with my mind in a BIG way and I fell/crashed into depression. I actually left notes around my home to remind me that it was the meds making me feel useless and unloved, and that the self-damaging thoughts weren't based in reality. Notes like: "It's just the medication" & "You are okay!"

It took me a couple days to even realize the meds were affecting me like this, then another couple weeks to recover emotionally from the experience. So I am sorry you haven't heard from me in the last month, and I can't guarantee life won't hit me again (can anyone?), but I hope you'll still want to hear from me.

Now I'm easing back in and wanted to share what I have worked on over the last few weeks. I still recorded podcast eps and released them a little off schedule. If you're not subscribed on your favorite podcast player, here are a few episodes you missed:

How to manage on low/no energy days. I recorded this just before the depression hit (timely or what?) but wasn't able to get it uploaded and live until a week later. In this episode:

  • The signs of low/no energy days
  • How to get past feeling like a failure on those days & letting go of the guilt of doing nothing
  • Why doing nothing is really doing something
  • 3 tips to help you accomplish your tasks – big and small – on those days

My pantser writing process. I like to write mostly by the seat of my pants (vs. plotting it all out) and went into detail about how I do just that. Also in the ep:

  • What I do before I start writing
  • Tips that help me write
  • Quick draft techniques I use
  • How I edit as a panster

Best online courses for writers & creators. I went through the pros and cons of online courses, and gave a review for several I've gone through. There are links to the courses mentioned in the podcast (and more links for ones I didn't mention but you may want to consider). Plus:

  • Are online courses right for you?
  • The types of courses available
  • Course platforms (and technology)
  • How much I spent on courses last year --> this 5-figure number might shock you!
  • Reviews of courses I’ve taken including business courses, writing courses, and even courses on creating courses

I'm still about one-two podcast eps behind schedule, but I may catch up later this year or just decide to skip them based on how things go.

Now please comment below and let me know - have you ever had a setback (health or otherwise) that kept you from working at your normal pace? How did you manage?

Until next time.

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M. Khan

M. Khan has authored over 20 novels/novellas/short stories under a pen name, and is now working on a fantasy series under her own name. She teaches others how to plan holistically to get all the things done, and provides guidance and coaching to fellow authors.
Here's What Really Happened in January

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