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M. Khan, Author
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"I'm afraid to write, afraid to put myself out there. I'll never finish and publish a novel." - me in 2013.

"Holy shit, I've just published my 20th novel." - me in 2019.

That's the difference 6 years can make. Want to know how it happened? Let me share my story with you.

If you aren't familiar with me already, my name is M. (aka Mehvish) Khan. I'm host of the Inside the Writer's Soul podcast, and I've authored over 20 novels/novellas/short stories under a pen name. I love to explore creativity in different ways to share soulful (and sometimes sweary) stories, and provide guidance, coaching, and courses to authors and other creative folks.


I was never that author who always knew what they wanted to become, because for a very long time I was too AFRAID to write.

Afraid to let the naysayers in my life naysay something else I was doing.

Afraid to put the thoughts and words and prayers and dreams I had onto paper and into characters and make them 'real'. It wasn't that I didn't know I wanted to write. It was that I never believed I could or should write.


I never believed in myself. I got through school, then I got through work and one bad job (really one bad boss) after another. The people around me only wanted me to slot into whatever box appealed to them...they didn't seem to care what I wanted or what I desired to do.

Does that sound familiar?

Then, after a particularly awful day of dealing with people who didn't support me, when I was sobbing alone in my apartment, I was hit with a revelation: Why I am letting these people control how I feel? I'm allowing them to make me miserable, and I was exhausted from it. Right then, I started the mental and emotional work to believe in myself again.

It's taken me years (and I'm still working on it), but now I'm in a much better place. And once I started working on myself, I realized I only have this one life to lead, so I'd better start living (and writing) it.


Today, I am an author. I am a creator. I am a podcast host. I am an entrepreneur. And I am so much more.

Since 2013, I've written and self-published over 20 novels/novellas under a pen name, and I'm working on various books to publish under my own name, including a fantasy series featuring a fierce fae queen, and literary fiction that focuses on dynamics, cultural shifts, and secrets in modern Muslim families and life.

I write soulful (and sweary!) stories about characters discovering the self-worth they didn't believe they had, and the relationships that bind them and burden them in life (<---wonder where I got the inspiration for that!) 

Where would I be if I'd given up all those years ago? Would I still be waiting and wishing and hoping to finish that first book? 

Where could YOU be in five years if you started now?

I share tips, tools, and techniques to help you in your own creative journey. While writing is the medium is I use most often, it's not the only one I love - I also explore storytelling through my podcast, photography, video, drawing, and more. I hope you'll join me!

If you're looking for a community and for support, look no further. My podcast and blog are perfect places to start to get guidance, resources, and meet fellow authors. I understand what it truly means to write alone and crave community, which is why I'm building one here. I also have a suite of other tools to help you - check out my full list below and contact me if you have questions.

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Ways I can help you

You May Write and Create Alone, But You Are NOT ALONE.

I believe we should all help each other succeed. Here are just a few ways I can help you.


Posts with tips, techniques, author life realities, ideas, and more.


Inside the Writer's Soul, a weekly podcast on sharing soulful stories.


Get access to a growing library of FREE worksheets, checklists, & more.


Courses to help you organize everything in your everyday, & become a more productive creator. (P.S. - my FREE writing challenge How to Write Faster in 14 Days is available now!)


Get 1-to-1 coaching to help you with different aspects of your author or creative business, including marketing, brainstorming, and more.


Group coaching is a great way to get help at a reduced cost (as little as $35/mo, just over $1/day)! We'll meet at least once/month to go over your questions & get you the help you need in a group setting.

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