100 videos in 100 days

NOTE: I will update this post as I progress through the 100 days.

I am currently working on the 100 Days Project, where you do something creative every day for 100 days. For my project this year, I'm posting a video on my YT channel every damn day to help kickstart the relaunch of my channel. This is really ambitious I know!

Here are my goals (as of January 2021):

  • Record, edit, and post 100 videos on my content buckets (more about that below)
  • Get better and get faster at recording and editing
  • Get more comfortable on camera and hone my 'style' and branding of videos
  • Build my online community
  • Have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours by the end of May to help me qualify for monetization
  • Do a soft launch of my course/bootcamp which will go live during this time, and see how the ROI changes from launch to launch
Here's how I'm prepping (as of January 2021):
  • I've assigned each day of the week a specific topic in one of my content buckets (writing, holistic planning, tarot, and mental health) through both shorts and longer videos
  • I've assigned a specific video topic for nearly all 100 days so I know where to start
  • I've already planned out which videos I'll record when
  • About half my videos will be shorts (with a full-time day job, plus the full-time writing I do on the side, this is crucial! They can't all be longer form videos. I know this may affect watch hours for my goals, but I'll still have 40+ longer videos too). For those who may not know, shorts is a new thing YouTube is trying out - videos generally 1 minute or less, shot vertically for mobile (rather than the typical horizontal video you see on YT).
  • The majority of my videos can also be recorded well in advance (less than 10 will need to be recorded closer to release as they're more vlog-style videos or monthly review videos).
The 100 Days Project starts on January 31st and runs through May 10th. Follow me on my journey and subscribe to channel!

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Here's where I am right now:

  • The 100 Day Project started yesterday on 1/31 and I've posted the first (and actually the second) video!
  • I've recorded all the videos I need for February, but haven't edited them all yet. I have edited and scheduled all the ones going up for the next week or so.
  • I've also recoded an additional 55 videos (shorts) that I can use as backup if I can't record/post one day, or I'll just post those at the end of the 100 days to make it a 155 day project!
  • What I've learned so far:
    • Batching really works for me, and I'd originally thought to record a series of videos (e.g., all my tarot videos for the week), then edit them before recording the videos for the following week. But this process didn't go as expected. I found it easier to do ALL my recording for the month first, then approach the editing. This is probably because I'm not as strong an editor yet and wanted to do it last, so I'm just going with my creative flow rather than against it.
    • I also realized that I could only record about 4 'longer' videos at a time before my voice gave out, even though that may have been only a couple hours (usually less) of talking.
    • While I do have a nicer camera, it's fairly new (just got it late last year) and I don't know how to use it that well yet, so I'm going to try to record most of my videos on my phone. It's going okay so far. I may change this later on, but for now I'm trying to keep things simple.
    • Editing-wise, I have used Premiere and Premiere Rush before, though I don't know them very well. I found it easier to use Camtasia, so that's what I'm planning on using for now. It does crash from time to time, but overall it's working for me. That may also change later on, but again I'm trying to keep things simple for now.
    • I took Ali Abdaal's Part-Time Youtuber Academy course (<---note this is an affiliate link!) before starting this project which was great and I highly recommend it. I can do another post about this, but I'm mentioning it now to just say I'm also not following all of the course instructions for video flow, intro, and story structure, not because I don't think they're important, but because there's just sooo much to do and I need to prioritize. Perhaps once I settle into the project a little more, I'll be able to focus on those more.
  • Total videos recorded: 29 (both longer and shorts, +additional 55 shorts)
  • Starting subscriber count: 3.
  • Views: N/A - I do have views as I used to use this channel to host podcast videos, but I'm not counting those 190 views necessarily for channel growth going forward. I want to see how many views I get just from these 100 days of videos.

I have edited and uploaded/scheduled all the videos for February except the last one (there's an issue so I need to re-record it which I'll do later this month).

Key takeaways from this week - Airtable is SOOO much better to keep me organized than Notion. I also have a better idea how long editing various length videos takes me (and also the uploading time too), which will help me plan better when I start working on videos for March.


  • Subscriber count: 5.
  • Watch time: 2 hours
  • Views: 259 (though the majority of this is from one of my shorts). It's only been a week though so this number will just go up, up, up!
February was intense for me! I started a new day job in January and it's taken longer to settle in than expected and it's taking more of my time than expected. I have 3 books I'm trying to finish (2 that are almost ready to publish, and another that is a new book I need to get to my editor), and that's on top of all the day job stuff, so I'm shifting my plan.
I've decided for March that instead of focusing on longer-length videos, I will edit and schedule the shorts I've already recorded. These are all in one content bucket (tarot), but hopefully in April I can start to focus on other short topics or longer videos. Ramadan is also coming in April, and I'd love to do some blogs, but let me get through March first!
  • Subscriber count: 6.
  • Watch time: 4.6 hours
  • Views: 366
Huge difference between this month and last! Some definite growth from the shorts. This traffic isn't leading to many more views for my longer videos or even my shorts on other topics (e.g., writing, planning, etc.). With Ramadan coming, I'd like to do some vlogs and see how those go, but I'll have to see time-wise if I can manage the editing of daily vlogs. I might do weekly vlogs instead - I'll see how I feel once Ramadan starts. In the meantime, I'm going to keep going with my tarot-focused shorts. Someone suggested a tarot-centered ASMR video, so I may do that in April, too. More on that in a couple weeks once April starts!
  • Subscriber count: 58!
  • Watch time: 23.6 hours
  • Views: 4.9K
So it hasn't been that long since my last update but seeing continued growth! I've also added ASMR to the titles of a few shorts to see if that affects growth as well. I will not be fasting for Ramadan this year (which starts mid-April), but I would still like to post vlogs, though I'm thinking weekly as my daily life just isn't that varied! I'm going to try using my proper camera (as opposed to my phone, which I've been using for videos) so we'll see how editing goes!
I'm going to continue posting shorts each day for April and into May, but now I'm looking ahead past the 100 Days project. I think it would be interesting to post a short a day (or close to it) for as long as possible, but content is the key question here. The rest of my planned shorts are tarot-related, and my other shorts (on writing, etc.) haven't done as well. I did think about only making <1 minute videos (e.g., 1 minute review of a tarot deck, writing resource, writing tips, etc.) but not sure how that would go considering current analytics. I like videos a minute or less because I can batch record, batch edit, and in a few hours have 2 or more weeks of content, so with my day job and my writing career, it's manageable. I will continue to think about this.
I'd love to hear from you - please leave content ideas or share your experience in the comments!
  • Subscriber count: 78! (+30 in just 10 days!)
  • Watch time: 34.4 hours
  • Views: 7.7K
So Ramadan has started, but I didn't manage to launch the vlogging I wanted to do. I may do a vlog at the end, but I'm pushing hard to get two books finished and up for pre-orders, and that has to be my priority at the moment. I do have enough tarot shorts to get me through the rest of the 100 days project, and I'm still toying with the idea of continuing to post very short videos, though nothing's been decided it. When I finally finish these books (and a few other big author tasks I need to wrap up), then I can focus on the future of the channel.
It can be hard when we want to do SO MANY different things and aren't able, and it takes time to learn how to really prioritize and focus in, even when that means putting other things aside for the moment. Some people might (read: have) shamed me for this, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. Prioritizing some tasks (and even yourself) over other things or even other people is incredibly important and it's a skill we all need to develop if we want to truly succeed.
  • Subscriber count: 103! 🎉 finally hit 100 whoo-hoo!
  • Watch time: 47.4 hours
  • Views: 10.9K

5/1/2021 UPDATE

Still going! I've edited and uploaded the rest of the videos for the 100 Day project, plus a few extra days to finish out the tarot short series I'm doing. I'm hoping to do a video wrap up (I'll post on the blog here too) with everything I've learned, and what my plans are moving forward. Stay tuned!

  • Subscriber count: 122!
  • Watch time: 64 hours
  • Views: 13.3K

NEXT UPDATE - Around 5/15/2021 (After the end of the project!)


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M. Khan has authored over 20 novels/novellas/short stories under a pen name, and is now working on a fantasy series under her own name. She teaches others how to plan holistically to get all the things done, and provides guidance and coaching to fellow authors.
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