I'm M. Khan, Soulful Storyteller

I share soulful stories (ones that speak to and from our souls about our deepest desires and the hidden truths we rarely share with others) through various creative paths, including writing. I’m an author who has self-published over 20 novels under a pen name, and I’m writing and creating under my own name now, too.

I share tips, tools, and techniques to help you in your own creative journey. While writing is the medium is I use most often, it's not the only one I love - I also explore storytelling through my podcast, photography, video, drawing, and more. I hope you'll join me!

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M. Khan, Author
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You May Write and Create Alone, But You Are NOT ALONE.

I believe we should all help each other succeed. Here are just a few ways I can help you.


Posts with tips, techniques, author life realities, ideas, and more.


Inside the Writer's Soul, a weekly podcast on sharing soulful stories.


Get access to a growing library of FREE worksheets, checklists, & more.


Courses to help you organize everything in your everyday, & become a more productive creator. (P.S. - my FREE writing challenge How to Write Faster in 14 Days is available now!)


Get 1-to-1 coaching to help you with different aspects of your author or creative business, including marketing, brainstorming, and more.


Group coaching is a great way to get help at a reduced cost (as little as $35/mo, just over $1/day)! We'll meet at least once/month to go over your questions & get you the help you need in a group setting.

Please note: Colorful language lies within!

I love a good (and bad, and really bad) curse word, and you'll find them in my blogs, podcasts, and more. Even if you don't like cursing, I hope you'll stay a while, because I'd love to help you.

If you continue into the site, you'll get:

  • Practical advice - on writing, productivity, goal setting, self-publishing, and more
  • Motivation - tips to stay motivated, even during the most life sucking moments
  • Inspiration - how to find beauty and creativity in the simplest of things
  • My journey as a fiction author - I've self-published under a pen name for years, and will soon be writing a fantasy series featuring a fierce fae queen, and literary fiction that focuses on dynamics, cultural shifts, and secrets in modern Muslim families and life
  • And much more! 

Check out the 1st episode of the podcast below.

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